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 Rajesh kumar singh


                         Exp. 35 Year

B.Sc. M.A. LL.B.

Law Firm

 Criminal Bail & Trial

Property Law & Inheritance

Divorce Law & Maintenance

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Office-Chamber N.1 Collectorate, Near C.B.A., Civil Court, Varanasi

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Online Advocacy- Generally litigating a case without clients. 

Case making & Dealing-All Cases Deals and make by the Senior lawyer/Admin with suggestion of Associate Senior.

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>Our Best Hold in 35 years of our law experience, We have represented our clients in many serious crimes like murder, dacoity, rape, dowry murder, cheating, and special laws including NDPS act etc. and got promising result in every case.

>Our Best Hold and Super Deals in Property law, Property Succession, Civil Suit, Partition Suit, Title Suit, Will and Sale Deed and Cancelation, Injunction Suit etc.

>Our Best  efforts in Family Law, Divorce and Maintenance law, Cruelty by Wife and Husband and also best effort in Special act and International cases, NI act and all Social legal Problem Solver.    >Best Case Maker, so you can win your case.

Top and Best Lawyers Varanasi

Criminal Law-Fir, Complaint Case,Bail and trail, arrest stay, Protest final report, wittiness statement and cross, argument,jail manual, attendence of accused , heinous offences, session trail lawyers.

Property Law- Father property ,Grand Father Property, Ancestral Property,(पैतृक संपत्ति) Fairer share,Mother Property, Property sale dead, wills (vashiyat) Any type agreement, khatouni khasra naksha mutation (Dakhil kharij) Civil suit apeal and revision lower court and highcourt lawyers etc.

Family law-Divorce and conjugal right, maintainance and Domestic violence (Gharelu hinsha) marriage and judicial separation,Void and Voidable marriage (avaidh vivah shadi, Family court lawyer civil and criminal court lawyers.etc.

I and Our Qualified Lawyers are help you To Solve Your All type Legal Troubles.                                               |Commitment to Excellence | Fast & Effective Representation in Court

Cast Effective and Affordable Fee 

 3 Top Criminal Lawyer In Varanasi

Rajesh Kumar Singh  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

 Ashok kumar singh 

Senior Advocate varanasi

Kripa Shankar Rai  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

3 Top & Best Civil Property Lawyer In Varanasi

Rajesh Kumar Singh  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

adv IMG_20210909_162940
Gopal Shankar Tripathi 

Senior Advocate varanasi

Your Heading

Rajendra Prasad Seth 

Senior Advocate Varanasi 

3 Top & Best Divorce Lawyer In Varanasi

Rajesh Kumar Singh  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

 Jay Narayan singh 

Senior Advocate varanasi

Screenshot_20211016-005135 (1)
Prabhu Narayan Singh  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

 3 Best Family Lawyer In Varanasi

Adv Hina Divan 
Advocate Varanasi
 Smt Shakuntla Srivastava

 Advocate varanasi

Your Heading

Ramesh Srivastava  

Senior Advocate Varanasi

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Family Law & Divorce

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